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Zaaz Mealz

At Zaaz Eatery & Play in Kamloops, BC, we understand the importance of offering delicious and health-conscious options for our patrons, especially those with dietary restrictions like celiac disease. We are now proud to offer these delicious mealz To Go with our new Zaaz Mealz meal prep program! We believe that taste should never be compromised, even when you're meal prepping, so we always ensure that our Zaaz Mealz are just as amazing as our dine-in dishes. Whether you're planning for a busy workweek or a leisurely weekend picnic in Kamloops' natural beauty, Zaaz Mealz are designed with your convenience in mind. Each bowl is thoughtfully portioned and ready to enjoy whenever and wherever you please. And as always, every meal is gluten free!

Please place your orders by Friday evening for pickup or delivery starting on Monday morning. Zaaz Mealz are available to pick up at 425 Mount Paul Way (through the side door on the North side of the building) Monday to Friday. Pickup times are mornings between 8:30am and 12:30pm, or afternoons between 1pm and 5pm. While ordering your mealz, you can choose a time and date to pick up your mealz that works with your schedule. Can't pick up? We'll deliver right to your door on Monday morning!

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