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About Us

Creating healthy connections with families, communities and food through imaginative play!

Our Story

The name for Zaaz Eatery & Play Inc. was created as a combination of the founder Samantha O’Callaghan’s children aliZA and tAZ. Zaaz is a unique, custom-built, indoor imaginative Play Village for children - or “Bugz” - of all ages and abilities and their families.

Zaaz is located at 425 Mount Paul Way in Kamloops BC and features over 7500 square-feet of unique, safe, and clean play zones, a gift shop, party rooms, and a 24-seat restaurant with nutritious in-house meals, beverages and snacks served fresh from our onsite kitchen.

Zaaz has a wide range of services including open play, drop-in groupz, eventz, drop-off campz during school closures, registered child care, support groupz with partnerz, in-house dining, catering, and partiez!

Za VillageZa FacilityZa Eatery


is Where Children Dream, Wonder, and Feel for Others

Engage with your Bugz in the seven Fine Arts throughout Zaaz’s Play Village, consisting of Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Literature, Music, Performing, and Film! Foster your Bugz’ development like never before and watch their imaginations, personalities, and selfhood flourish! Play, where Bugz get to lead with no pressures, will draw out their ideas, intentions, aspirations, preferences, wants, and wishes in Zaaz’s welcoming, community-based environment.

It takes a Village to raise a child, and Zaaz would love to be your familys Village!

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