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Buzy Bugz’ Garden

Occasional Child Care Facility

Buzz in today! Registration is free and bugz can attend for as few or as many hours as you need (up to a maximum of 8 hours a day and 40 hours a month). Rates are hourly (starting at just $11.25/hour for a Regularz spot using all 40 hours) and we’re open Monday-Friday from 7:45am-6:00pm. Our play-based learning philosophy will engage and entertain bugz of any age over 18 months, check out our Parent Guide to learn more!

We’re excited to have your Buzy Bugz buzzing around!

How to Register

  1. We use a software called BrightWheel, which works best for parents through their app. Download the app on your Apple or Android smartphone
  2. Create an account for yourself on BrightWheel (it’s free!)
  3. Now it’s time to CLICK HERE to fill out the Registration Form. We need this registration form filled out for each child you may need care for. Filling out this registration form will prompt you to create a profile for each child in your BrightWheel account
  4. Once we receive your registration form, we’ll give you access to the Parent Guide Appendix, which contains all our important policies that you’ll need to read. We’ll also send you the Emergency Consent Form, Immunization Information Form, and Policy Agreement. You’ll need to fill these out digitally for each child and sign them IN PERSON when you drop off your child for the first time (we’ll have printed copies)
  5. While you wait for us to get those forms to you, we highly recommend you play around in the BrightWheel app to see what you can look forward to, and update a few important details in your child’s profile. We especially love having profile pics of the Buzy Bugz!

If you’re already Registered, then it’s time to pick your care dates!

Simply click on the month below that you need care for, and fill out the form. You can use the form as often as you need for any time period you need. We’ll send you a message through BrightWheel letting you know if we can accommodate your request, and suggest changes if there are conflicts. Once your final schedule is decided, we’ll let you know the total amount owed for that registration, which is due immediately. You can either pay in person with any payment method you like, or send an e-transfer to You will always receive a receipt for your transactions via email. We look forward to hopefully seeing your Bugz buzzing around za Garden and immersing themselves in play very soon!